Verstellbare Vintage 7013 Metall Wandlampen von J. J. M. Hoogervorst f...

1 890.00 EUR

This set of eight metal wall sconces, model 7013, was produced by Anvia during the 1950s and 1960s. The design is by J.J.M. Hoogervorst, who was the main designer for Dutch progressive lighting company Anvia. The simple design of these lights was inspired by the CP 1 light by Charlotte Perriand, but the Anvia’s were produced in many different colors at the time. The metal shade can be adjusted to aim or increase the amount of light up or downwards. Because of their geometric shape and variety of colors, they can be arranged to create an abstract lighting sculpture. This set of eight contains the colors marine, white, grey-beige, and black.

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