(breaking) Heart Lampe von Philipp Käfer

595.00 EUR

Designed by up-and-coming, Berlin-based designer Philipp Käfer; the clever (breaking) Heart features a neon ring framed by a folded, mirrored surface. When one changes his or her position relative to the mirror, the reflection of the ring is broken into segments. From a head-on perspective, the reflection appears as a complete heart. But take a small step left or right and the image of the heart splinters into segments. A heart is one of the most commonly used icons in communication. Depending on the context, it can imply a range of meanings, from a simple, pure love to a more commercial, buyable ´´love.´´ (breaking) Heart Lamp is inspired by the neon signs that illuminate the kind of nightlife promising pleasure and distraction. In response to one´s own subtle movements, the image of a circle, a basic geometrical shape, is broken apart and rearranged into a heart, an inter-culturally intelligible symbol. This design is made from mirrored stainless steel with a neon tube light. Please note that this piece is only available with a 230 V European bulb holder and cannot be modified for the US market.

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