Pompidu II Stehlampe von Tom Strala

8 325.00 EUR

Values that are considered to be “good” are newly defined by each generation. In the past decade the world of design agreed unanimously: everything had to look flush. There were only surfaces and edges, no bolting, no screws, no structural elements were allowed to be visible. Shapes and forms had to be as simple and clear as possible. “Flush” was the declared goal, the universal remedy for a visual cleanse. In this context, POMPIDU II deals with the question of what simplicity actually means, and how it is often celebrated as such without being simple. Conventional pipes cover the electric cabling of POMPIDU II, giving it a firm shape. It is a reduction to what is absolutely necessary, a lighting object in which the supporting structure, electric current, and visual appearance interact in a subtle and poetic way.

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