LAAB-Licht & Laub Hängeleuchte (Modell S) von MIYUCA

528.00 EUR

The Recycled Nature Collection is the name of a project born in 2015. The intention was to find alternative materials to plastic, trying to use surrounding natural resources instead. The first product born from this project was the LAAB series of lamps - Light & Leaves, built using dry leaves harvested in autumn as a raw material. LAAB in the Southern Tyrol dialect means foliage. The leaves, having naturally fallen to the ground and then selected according to type and color, are mixed with natural glues and organic resins. Thus, using reusable wooden molds, unique pendant lamps are born. This process is entirely done by hand. LAAB incorporates craftsmanship, quality, sustainability, and design. The defining characteristic of this new material is to let the light shine through unique textures. Each lamp is an exclusive piece because the various types of leaves and their shades of color create different atmospheres but always remain warm and welcoming. In a society marked by waste, LAAB is an alternative to conventional plastic products. The S models perfectly suit being combined in different luminous compositions. Above all, using different leaves for each lamp creates beautiful effects. The pendant lamps are assembled with a 1.5 m long textile cable and a 7W LED bulb is included. The piece arrives with a CE certificate for 42W, E27, 220-240V, 50 / 60Hz. The black painted stainless steel rose with an 8 cm diameter is locked into place by a magnet. The color depends on the foliage used and it will not be possible to determine precisely how the light will shine through since the distribution of the leaves is difficult to control. This will make each lamp a unique piece. It is possible to choose the type of leaf used or a certain color (limited to availability when ordering) and only natural materials are used in production, therefore it cannot be ruled out that the lamp may change color over time, especially under strong UV radiation. It is also advised not to hang the lamps outside or near very high heat sources. Please contact Pamono to specify and find out more about materials and colors.

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